This page contains a selection of Phillip Silver testimonials from past clients. The most important thing to note from these quotes (apart from the high levels of customer satisfaction of course!) is the varied circumstances evident in each case. Whether you require an Australian visa in a short amount of time or need to manage South African legal affairs from abroad, Phillip Silver and Associates is always available to help.

UNAL Family

September 27, 2023

My family and I have been struggling to find a lawyer that understands and empathises with our case. Phillip has shown tremendous amounts of effort to get to know us individually and has gone above and beyond in his devotion to our case. Phillip has taken his own time to fly down to Melbourne and meet us in person. This allowed him to properly immerse himself and understand our unique situation. We were stuck in the same predicament for the past 10 years and Phillip over came it in the 1 year he had worked with us.

He was the only lawyer that actively listened and had properly executed the task at hand. He not only exponentially prepared himself but also took the time to coach us individually to allow us to have our best foot forward in our interviews. Our specific case had an extremely tight threshold of acceptance in which he formatted the correct approach and successfully delivered results. We can not be more thankful for him and his team for guidance, support and work ethic. It is because of his amazing work that we can remain in Australia happily with our family.

Thank you, Crystal UNAL

Our case has %50 chance. Phillip made such professional preparations and made such important speech at the end of our meeting at migration. The immigration officer knew if she would decline our case she had awareness she would made unfair decision. As a result of everything we got our permanent residency.

We are so grateful, Sharon Unal

We were so lucky to have Phillip as our lawyer during our protection visa case. He was able to lead our family to success which allowed us to obtain our permanent residency after 15 years. During my family’s time in Australia, we have been constantly pushed in the wrong direction by our previous lawyers. Phillip was the first lawyer that took the time to understand our case, our family’s needs and what the best outcome would be. He directed us in the right direction, no other lawyer has been able to do this since 2008. We are forever grateful for Phillip and his team to the tremendous amounts of effort they have put to win our case.
Thank you,
Tuana Unal

Brooks Family

April 25, 2023

Dear Phillip and Hafizah

We just want to say a Big Thank you for all your hard work in securing our TSS 482 Labour Agreement Visa.

We have come a long way since we first started our journey coming over to Australia. Our journey started in 2019 with a TSS482 visa and with age against me. Phillip suggested that we look into the labour agreement visa.

After securing a work sponsor Phillip and Hafizah got started with the process and with their dedication towards their work, we finally got the email that the Visa is approved and just another step closer to achieve our goal to become permanent residents.

Again, Phillip and Hafizah thank you for everything you guys did for us and all your hard work in supporting us and securing our Visa.

From the Brooks Family

Gregory Sack

April 25, 2023

Thanks to Phillip Silver & Associate Lawyers for the exceptional service and expertise in reinstating our resident return visas in record time. The team lead by Mark Sutherland handled our cases with the utmost care and attention, providing us with clear and timely communication throughout the entire process. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, we were able to regain our visa status and provide us with an opportunity to live in Australia. We would highly recommend Phillip Silver & Associate Lawyers to anyone seeking legal assistance with immigration matters. Thank you again for your outstanding work!

Kind Regards

Gregory Sack (Chartered Accountant)

Tanya Rubin

March 28, 2023

Grant of resident return visas – for family members – RUBI0001

Thanks to Phillip and his amazing team!

We are the most excited! How you revived our visa in the quickest time possible – from an almost non existent visa that we lost to permanent residence in 8 weeks!

It’s a miracle!

We cannot thank you enough for making this happen!

Sean Nochomovitz

February 12, 2023

“Thank you to Phillip and his professional team for guiding us through the process of applying for a parental visa for my mother to travel to and remain with us in Australia.

We could of not done this without their help and highly recommend Phillip’s services”

Kind Regards

Sean Nochomovitz

Keara Beatrix Chan

January 4, 2023

Dear Phillip,

Thank you for all your assistance throughout the years. I am very grateful for your professionalism and kindness. I’ve copied my testimonial below:
I first engaged Phillip’s services in 2019 when I required assistance for immigration advice. Four years later, Phillip remains incredibly helpful with his advice pertaining to student visas, post-graduate work visas and the process of my permanent residency. Phillip is very professional and communicative- the process of applying for my permanent residency was very smooth and I appreciated how readily contactable Phillip and his team were. I highly recommend Phillip and his team- their services made my permanent residency application process stress free!
Thanks again very much Phillip!
Kind regards,

Shaun Quarmby

August 31, 2021

It is with appreciation to Phillip Silver and his team that I write this letter.  

Phillip and Maggie: a huge “Thank You” from myself, Marina and the girls. 

My family and I are South African and decided to apply for an Australian Significant Investor Visa (SIV) in 2020. 

The SIV application process is complex, and it is essential to have the assistance of a trusted expert.  The decision as to who to use as ones’ immigration consultant is critical to the outcome of your visa  as any mistakes can be costly and negatively impact the outcome of your application. Making the  decision to leave your land of birth is emotional so we felt it was important to work with somebody  that understood immigration from both a professional and emotional perspective. 

After discussions with a number of immigration consultants we appointed Phillip Silver & Associates.  Our decision was based on Phillip’s professional knowledge and experience in Australian immigration legislation and, importantly, Phillip took the time to understand our personal  circumstances and requirements. 

The information required for a visa application is extensive and can be confusing however Phillip and  Maggie were always there to guide us. Phillip took a complex process and simplified it so that we  always understood exactly what was required by the Australian government and were able to  provide the correct information first time and on time. Throughout our visa application process we  were always confident that Phillip was in our corner and took a personal interest in our visa’s being  granted. Phillip and Maggie were always available to answer any questions. From the time of  receiving our state nomination, our expectation was that our visa’s would take between nine  months and a year to be granted. You can imagine our surprise and delight at receiving them within four months. 

What was particularly heart-warming for us was how genuinely happy Phillip was for us when our  visas were granted. He was as excited as we were.  

I highly recommend Phillip Silver and his team for your Australian visa and immigration  requirements. 

Shaun Quarmby

Charlene Bayley

August 31, 2021

Dear Phillip, Hafizah and Larry and team

I can not thank you enough for all the outstanding hard work you guys have done. It took us about 3 years to get to this point. I cannot even begin to explain all the ups and downs. I didn’t have high hopes for any employer to even look at my dad’s resume as he is over 50. I kept on trying and praying for a miracle. I sent over 100 resumes and called companies daily. No luck. There were potential employers but it always led to a dead end.
 Then covid hit. and just I gave up and accepted that this was the end. One night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a group called Boer maak n plan in Oz.  I sent an enquiry and forgot about it.  By that time I felt so defeated and thought what’s the use. If it was not for Marli sending follow up emails asking if we are still interested in consulting with Phillip, I would probably have given up. I  thought well we have nothing left to lose so we might as well give it one last try.
After the first consultation with Phillip in August 2020, you guys managed to find a suitable employer and worked so hard to pull it through. My parents now have their visas and travel exemptions in hand and will arrive in Australia on the 14th of August 2021.
You guys truly are an amazing team and with all the joint efforts, you managed to get something done that I did not think was possible. This opportunity is life-changing for us as a family.
I will keep on recommending you guys to everyone that needs a helping hand as we did.
Thank you!
Best regards,
Charlene Bayley


August 31, 2021

Hi Colin,

Thank you so much for passing me onto Phillip. He was amazing. Warm, kind, non judgmental and really good at his job.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone requiring these kinds of services. I mean that.

All the best,

Angie Schoonraad

July 1, 2020

Dear Phillip, Neeta and Team

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and  your organisation for helping us achieve a milestone in our life’s journey… Our Australian citizenship! Hooray! We started this expedition in your offices in Rosebank, South Africa. I still recall the first meeting with Neeta in the boardroom and Phillip on Skype. It was so professional and from the beginning we always knew that we were in good hands. I don’t even know why we chose your add on Google but I truly believe that it was God who delivered you to us because most would have said: “Too hard, you don’t have a chance.” Neeta worked tirelessly over months to prepare our case for the Skilled Visa and I still have the application pack – it’s stamped 11 Nov 2009. We all know the story; Australia’s immigration laws changed mid-application and we were stuck in the abyss for a few years and then miraculously we got a call from your office and within months (with more guidance and hard work from your team) we got the prized email and were on a flight to OZ to start our new life. Fast forward 6 years and many ups and downs… We are celebrating because a few weeks ago, we took our pledge and are now officially Australian citizens!! It’s been a comfort having you by our side for these, almost 12 years. Even when we moved to Australia, Phillip was the only contact on my phone, lol, we knew no one. I’ve referred many friends and family to your organisation and I always speak so highly of you because I won’t forget how kind and courteous you’ve all been to me and my family over this time. Even now with Hafizah helping my mom, we always have so many emails and calls to your offices, I sometimes feel embarrassed by the annoying questions we ask but your team is so helpful and never give a rude or abrupt answer, what a pleasure. Emigration is such an emotional process but the personal attention and care that you all give to each case is priceless. I wish you every success in the future and may your business grow because of the wonderful people you are.


Angie Schoonraad

Terry Morato

April 23, 2020

To whom it may concern,

The Rocks farming Company is one of the largest producers of Sugar Cane in Australia and I have personally dealt with Phillip Silver and Associates for a number of years now regarding sourcing and immigration of Qualified employees from Africa and Europe for our farming operation. They have been professional and proven to have the expertise to deal with the many varied and sometimes difficult situations that arise during the processes.

I would recommend Phillip Silver & Associates without hesitation to any Rural Business wishing to seek and or employ foreign qualified employees.

Terry Morato


January 21, 2020

Many thanks for assisting Yesh with his visa application, it’s much appreciated. He was very excited to have received it so quickly. We have now settled him into his new home and new life in Melbourne.


Kenneth Leo

May 9, 2019

We engaged Phillip Silver & Associates Australia to help in my wife’s partner visa application. We initially self lodged the application and the immigration department were jerking us and it was in limbo for more than 30 months. After we engaged Phillip Silver & Associates Australia the immigration department immediately responded and actioned our case forward. Visa was granted a few weeks after their intervention. Lihini Konara was handling our case.

Thank you very much! 5 Stars.

Kenneth Leo


April 23, 2019

Hi Hafizah, Lihini and Phillip,

Just a personal thank you from us for all the work you and the team have done and continue to do for us with all our Visa requirements. You guys have been awesome and without you we would not have been able to turn lodgements and outcomes around as well as you have done and in the time periods to obtain an outcome. You have even picked up the phone and got involved where we asked you to at no extra cost to us.

I know I speak for our executive but also our employees Pete and Corey that we would quite comfortably recommend your Visa services to colleagues within basketball and otherwise. Time invested from both sides since July last year and with the two 5 year sponsorship agreements now in place there is more work to do down the track and it’s all about a mutually beneficial relationship.

Hafizah you definitely need to come and visit us to meet the players and all of us, as well as see a few home games in person. We will happily pay for your flight to Melbourne. Peter will have a look at some options in the game calendar where we have Corey, Colin and Shaniqua playing on the same night at home.

Have a good Easter break and we’ll speak to you soon.

Kind regards


February 28, 2019
Dear Phillip
Your advice guided us through a very difficult time where we had to make life changing decisions. Your experience and knowledge about immigration and law helped us to make informed decisions. Your friendly approach helped us to feel a bit more at ease and you were always willing and available via Skype and WhatsApp, even after hours. Your understanding of both South Africa and Australia also made us feel that you understand our situation and our desperate needs to carry on, although we had a lot of red flags and odds against us, you encouraged us to make the right decision, even when it was the harder option with lots of challenges but you helped us to keep our minds focused and be positive.
Thanks for being the honest, understanding and caring person that you are.

Ray G

June 2, 2018

I started this journey at the beginning of 2014, when my Company asked me to transfer to Perth to lead a services team. I had heard of Philip Silver & Associates through word of mouth, having had many of my friends make this journey already. The first interview was quickly set up, as Skype meeting where I felt more than comfortable that I was dealing with experienced professionals. There was never any doubt in my mind and after the first meeting, I had a clear idea of the process, expected time it would take as well as the various touch points along the way.

2014 flew by as each subsequent goal was completed, pretty much without complication or setback, with successful 457 visa issued in November of that year. By the end of December 2014, my wife and I had taken up residence in Perth and where adjusting to our new life.

It wasn’t long and I was again seeking the assistance of Phillip Silver & Associates to lodge a permanent subclass 186 application, and a quick email to Phillip to set up a phone call to discuss kicked off another flawless successful application, resulting in my PR being granted in August 2017.

My response to Phillip’s notification that it had been successfully granted :

“I am incredibly thankful. Words do not express the gratitude.”

The experience I had with Philip Silver & Associates has been incredible, and I cannot thank them enough.


Ray G


March 5, 2018

I came to Australia to work with an engineering company who facilitated the issuing of a 457 visa on my behalf. After a year and seven months, I decided that I had to leave their employ not really knowing the implication of this decision.

I contacted Philip Silver & Associates a few months after I left my employment.  That was one of the most difficult time of my life because my 457 visa got cancelled that very same day. I didn’t know what to do and what my rights were. Phillip compassionately listened and advised  me on how I can legally stay in Australia. He helped me obtain a bridging visa which gave me peace of mind. From then on, I knew that I can trust Philip Silver & Associates.

When I decided to apply to become a permanent resident in Australia in 2017, it was to Philip Silver that I turned to because I was unsure what pathway to take. Philip thoroughly explained the whole process of obtaining an 887 visa. He was knowledgeable, honest, transparent and straightforward. He made me feel confident that he knew what he was doing which took my worries away.

Hafizah assisted me in the processing of my visa. It was a stress free experience working with her. She was available on a daily basis and responded to my questions promptly and professionally.

It was the most amazing moment when I received the news that my PR was granted this June 2018!

Thank you so much Philip, Hafizah and to everyone who worked behind the scene. You’re a team with integrity! You’re truly legends! You never let me down.

I am so grateful to Philip Silver & Associates for helping make my dream come true. I would highly recommend your company in a heartbeat.


Captain Greg

March 1, 2018

Our journey commenced some 15 months ago when I was first put in touch with you and your greater team. The guidance and recommendations afforded to us back then set the foundations to the roller coaster ride we experienced together for that extraordinary yet glorious YEAR.

Firstly the clarity on the nomination of skills required for the now defunct or at least severely altered, sub class 457 visa. I still remember to this day, attaining the initial success of being granted the 457. My family and I landing in SYDNEY on April 03rd 2017 and the entire 457 programme being nullified some 6 days later! The “panic” at having to face reality of having to return to RSA just 2 years later as that particular skills nomination identity was amended to the short term category!

You and your wonderful team set about finding another workable solution and WHAMMO in WORLD RECORD TIME, my family I being granted permanent residency on a visa sub class 186 JUST 6 months 22 days after arriving on these bonny shores!

An amazing feat and an amazing journey. Success, complete success, in such a short time. Most importantly the ability to relax and take up life in AUSTRALIA sans the axe of deportation hanging over our heads……………

Now for Citizenship and a long and happy life in our newly adopted country

What an amazing firm! Great people

They say a BIG SHOT is just a little shot that keeps shooting!


Best regards,

Captain GREG

Rio and Gina

October 10, 2017

We just got an extension of visa with our federal case because the judge gave us unprecedented next hearing on April 3, 2018. We did it for now because of your  unselfish assistance and for that we sincerely express our profound gratitude.

Thank you so much!

Rio & Gina


Travers and Milsan

September 25, 2017

To Hafizah and Phillip:

Thank you for your professional support and assistance with submission of the 820 Partner Visa application and your kindness.

We appreciate all your hard work.

Thank you,
Travers and Milsan



Jesse Oliveira

January 9, 2017

My family had been granted permanent residence in Australia in the middle of 2008. Due to unforeseen family circumstances my family and I were not able to permanently relocate to Australia within the given time period allocated. After visiting Australia in December 2015 I made up my mind that after I finish my final year of studies I would like to permanently reside in Australia, the only problem was that my family’s permanent resident visa had lapsed for about a year and a half. I consulted with the attorney that assisted us with our permanent resident visa, in order to go through the avenues to preside permanently in Australia. The consultation yielded nothing positive and I was told that there was nothing I could do.

In May of 2016 I came across Philip Silver and Associates, off the bat I was please that there were offices in both South Africa and Australia. Later in May I decided to make an appointment with Philip while he was in South Africa to get a second opinion on my immigration problem. Consulting with Philip was like a breath of fresh air, he was extremely positive and optimistic but realistic and frank. He knew that the only avenue to pursue was a resident return visa, something my previous attorney failed to mention. At the end of my consultation he managed my expectations and told me that I have a “50% chance of the resident return visa being granted”. After our meeting and when Philip was absent from South Africa I was always able to contact him and his staff in his Johannesburg office are an absolute pleasure.

He worked on my case for about seven months insuring putting the best application forward, ensuring I had the best chance of success. It paid off and my family’s resident return visa was lodged on the 23th of December 2016 and was accepted on the 29th of December 2016 witch meant that my family’s permanent resident visa was extended for an extra year, usually three month extensions are given.

I highly recommend Philip and his team to anyone from any country looking at their options of migration. 

Jesse Oliveira

Andi Weritz

May 10, 2016

Dear Phillip Silver Team,

I would like to thank you all for your excellent services provided during the last months. Without your fast and professional acting, it would have not been possible for me and my family to gain permanent residency.

I think every staff involved did an outstanding job, and I am sure I will continue to recommend your company in the future to others.

Special thanks to Artem, Sharon and Pauline, who all deserve my highest regards!

Thank you all again!

Kind regards,

Andi Weritz (very happy costumer)


March 14, 2016

July 2015

Having been notified that I had mistaken my visa expiry, and that I had unintentionally been an unlawful citizen in Australia for almost two months, I was overwhelmed with all the information that I now had to quickly digest. At the top of my concerns was that I would have to forfeit my university degree after working at it for four years, and being only one year away from completion.

A friend of mine recommended Phillip when I mentioned I was looking for help applying for my new visa, so I immediately contacted him and he was good enough to organise a consultation on short notice. Phillip gave me all the information I needed, without trying to make my case sound better or worse than it was. After reviewing my options, I decided to enlist his services.

His quotations for all costs involved were accurate, and I was granted my new visa within two weeks of filing my application. This was unbelievable to me at first because due to my extended period as an unlawful citizen, I was also facing a three year ban on temporary visas from Australia. Having my new student visa granted so quickly was a huge relief, and I thank Phillip and his team for helping me out.



March 14, 2016

July 2015

Life is so unpredictable at times. It only seems like yesterday, that I ventured off to China for the first time to meet my now partner.
After speaking with a long-time friend about my situation and how difficult it was to know what exactly was needed to bring someone over to Australia etc. I was surprised he knew someone and to be referred to Phillip Silver and associates and the service that they provide.

Everything from the first meeting with Phillip to the end of the process, he and the team were more than informative and helpful in all facets of the process.
Every call/e-mail was answered in a professional and timely manner. Information that was required to be supplied was always set in a logical and easy to follow step by step format (along with details or deadlines etc).
Above all else, was that each dealing with them always felt like they knew whom you were and you were actually someone, rather than just another customer.
The knowledge of him and his team were evident as no matter what question I asked over the period of 16 odd months, they would always inform and discuss in a manner that I understood. Giving me confidence in the situation at hand, as being un-informed can be very stressful.

The end result is that now we can spend the rest of our lives together here in Australia.

Thank you once again to Phillip, Hafizah and the team for all their assistance.


Tracey and Essam

March 14, 2016

A Big thank you goes out to all of you and the hard work you did to make this happen.
It has been a trying time but am glad that everything is all over now and we can move forward with our lives.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful and appreciative you are a wonderful team and great advisers.
Forever grateful.
Tracey and Essam

Nigora Karimova

March 14, 2016

14th May 2015

“Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Phillip Silver for his sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life.

While coming highly-recommended to me by an honorable friend of mine, Mr. Silver’s level of expertise and professionalism surpassed even my greatest expectations. Aside from his obvious skill and remarkable success rate, Phillip Silver is genuinely committed to his clients.

Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstance that arose, Phillip gave practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to make my own informed decisions. He guided me through the daunting visa process, yet never lost his patience despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries. He provided a support system and served as a mentor, exceeding the scope of what lawyers today are expected to do.

Simply put, lawyers like Phillip Silver are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to use or refer his outstanding services in the future. Thank you Phillip.”

Nigora Karimova

Tunji & Alison

March 11, 2016

1st April 2015

The BIGGEST thank you to Phillip and his team for helping us with not one but TWO successful visa applications!! We hired Phillip Silver and Associates after we were denied the first tourist visa we applied for. All we wanted was for Tunji to come to Australia and meet Alison’s friends and family as they’d heard so much about him. Phillip was amazing and guided us through all of our options and then helped us put together our application for the Prospective Marriage Visa.

All the odds were against us –  We ended up applying for another Tourist Visa whilst we were waiting for an answer on the Prospective Marriage Visa and it ended up we got an answer for both within hours of each other. Of course both were a YES and in record time (6 months) for the Prospective Marriage Visa!! Now Tunji lives and works here in Australia, we just got married and are about to apply for the Partner Visa.

We have no doubt that none of this would have happened if we hadn’t of used Phillip and his team! Thank you Phillip and everyone else for being so helpful and of course successful!

We thoroughly recommend using Phillip Silver and Associates for, at the very least, peace of mind for a very stressful process.

Tunji & Alison

Kareela Aviation Pty Ltd

March 11, 2016

Upon hearing the news our company was to employ an engineer from overseas to maintain one of our helicopters in support of bushfire season and beyond, we were a little overwhelmed faced with having to organise a Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa within a short time frame of two months. Not only that, we also had to apply for a Standard Business Sponsorship Approval, and a Nomination Approval to nominate the skilled worker. After researching the requirements, we decided to enlist the help of Phillip Silver & Associates and were paired with Phillip who offered to meet us for a free face-to-face consultation at our office. That first meeting was extremely helpful and Phillip provided all the information we needed, as well as accurate quotations for all costs involved in the process.

It was an easy decision to enlist Phillip to help us with the applications. As we needed to lodge the three applications simultaneously, Phillip provided us with clear checklists to follow and we were able to gather the information and complete the applications quite quickly. Once Phillip had collated the information and presented our applications to us we consented to the lodgement, and also put in a request to expedite the approvals. I was amazed with how swiftly the whole process went, as we were granted our approvals in two days! Without the professional help of Phillip and the team at Phillip Silver & Associates, this process may have taken us up to four months so we are extremely grateful for the exceptional result!


In addition, Phillip has offered to follow through this application by meeting with us when the new employee arrives to discuss appropriate ways to ensure the business continues to meet its obligations in respect to the grants. The service provided by Phillip has gone above and beyond my expectations and has made a potentially stressful application process feel very simple and positive. I would be happy to use Phillip for any future requirements.


Kind regards,

Nicole Breed
Kareela Aviation Pty Ltd

Hazel Johnston

March 11, 2016

Dear Phillip,

A very special thank you for all the wonderful help you gave me over the past few months to obtain my Parent Visa. This has allowed me to become “Granny Kangaroo” to my 4 grandchildren. Family are so important in one’s life especially as a granny and I appreciate all the knowledge, courtesy and encouragement you have shown getting me through the process in such a short period of time.

May I wish you every success in the future.

Best wishes,

Hazel Johnston


March 11, 2016

Hi Neeta

Just wanted to say hi and once again thank you for all your hard work in getting me the Visa.

Kind regards,


Phillip the Fantastic

March 11, 2016

Dear Phillip.

You will be known in our family as “Phillip the Fantastic” from now on.

A very special thank you for your hard work and dedication to getting the visa on time even though things were extremely tight time wise.

JH & TT Zietsman

March 11, 2016


This correspondence is a testimonial to the sterling work undertaken by Phillip Silver in the application and processing of our permanent visas to reside in Australia.

From meeting Phillip in Johannesburg South Africa, up until the granting of our visas, Phillip has guided, directed, liased and led us through the process smoothly and quickly. It has taken exactly four months for our visas to be granted from the date of initial application, and that after people telling us that it could take anything from 18 months to two years. Having offices both in Johannesburg and Sydney is a big plus in our opinion.

Thank you Phillip and if you wish us to speak to anyone thinking of using you as their Immigration Lawyer please dont hesitate to call on us.

Kindest regards and thank you once again.

JH & TT Zietsman

Leopoldt, Elaine & Calvin de Bruin

March 10, 2016

Dear Phillip Silver & Associates,

I would like to tell you what our experience was regarding our visa application.

Me, my wife and 2 year old son wanted to apply for a visa to study in Australia and decided to obtain the professional services of Phillip Silver & Associates. The team provided us with quick and accurate information (even over weekends in their spare time!). The headache of all the paperwork and administration relating to an application like this is enormous and Phillip Silver & Associates made it all seem like a breeze. We had the expectation of a two to three month waiting period in order to obtain the visa, however the embassy called me in two days after lodging the application and informed me that everything was complete and so well organised that we would have the visa granted in much less time than initially anticipated. The visa was granted in 5 weeks! So now me and my family are happily on our way to Australia!

Thank you Phillip Silver & Associates for all the hard work whether it was after-hours, over weekends or during the normal course of the business day you got the job done neatly, swiftly and professionally not to mention cost efficiently.

Yours truly

Leopoldt, Elaine & Calvin de Bruin

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