Shaun Quarmby

It is with appreciation to Phillip Silver and his team that I write this letter.  

Phillip and Maggie: a huge “Thank You” from myself, Marina and the girls. 

My family and I are South African and decided to apply for an Australian Significant Investor Visa (SIV) in 2020. 

The SIV application process is complex, and it is essential to have the assistance of a trusted expert.  The decision as to who to use as ones’ immigration consultant is critical to the outcome of your visa  as any mistakes can be costly and negatively impact the outcome of your application. Making the  decision to leave your land of birth is emotional so we felt it was important to work with somebody  that understood immigration from both a professional and emotional perspective. 

After discussions with a number of immigration consultants we appointed Phillip Silver & Associates.  Our decision was based on Phillip’s professional knowledge and experience in Australian immigration legislation and, importantly, Phillip took the time to understand our personal  circumstances and requirements. 

The information required for a visa application is extensive and can be confusing however Phillip and  Maggie were always there to guide us. Phillip took a complex process and simplified it so that we  always understood exactly what was required by the Australian government and were able to  provide the correct information first time and on time. Throughout our visa application process we  were always confident that Phillip was in our corner and took a personal interest in our visa’s being  granted. Phillip and Maggie were always available to answer any questions. From the time of  receiving our state nomination, our expectation was that our visa’s would take between nine  months and a year to be granted. You can imagine our surprise and delight at receiving them within four months. 

What was particularly heart-warming for us was how genuinely happy Phillip was for us when our  visas were granted. He was as excited as we were.  

I highly recommend Phillip Silver and his team for your Australian visa and immigration  requirements. 

Shaun Quarmby