Notary Public

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Phillip Silver is an Australian Solicitor, Notary Public, South African Attorney and Commissioner of Oaths.

Phillip Silver & Associates is a well established legal and migration practice situated in Australia and South Africa that provides expert legal and migration advice to people in both countries. In addition, our Australian Notary and South African Commissioner of Oaths service includes: meeting you on request. Please contact Phillip Silver on 0406115895.

South African Commissioner of Oaths in Sydney

If you are South African in Australia, Phillip Silver can also save you a long trip to  the South African High Commission Canberra in certain instances

According to section 8(b) of the South African Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act 16 of 1963, a South African commissioner of oaths may commission a document outside of South Africa for use in South Africa (this includes affidavits)

Phillip Silver,in addition to being an Australian Notary Public, is a South African Commissioner of Oaths and is providing these services in Australia.

Notarial Act

A notarial act is an instrument in writing recording the due execution of a deed, contract or other writing, or verifying some fact or thing that has been done, and it is authenticated by the Notary’s signature and an official seal. It either certifies the due execution in the Notary’s presence of a deed, contract or other writing or it verifies some fact or thing of which the Notary has certain knowledge. There are notarial acts in the public form and in the private form.

Phillip is able to provide profession notarial services to individuals to individuals and corporate entities.

This includes witnessing a signature on a document, certifying a document as a true copy of the original and authenticating documents for use in different countries.