I came to Australia to work with an engineering company who facilitated the issuing of a 457 visa on my behalf. After a year and seven months, I decided that I had to leave their employ not really knowing the implication of this decision.

I contacted Philip Silver & Associates a few months after I left my employment.  That was one of the most difficult time of my life because my 457 visa got cancelled that very same day. I didn’t know what to do and what my rights were. Phillip compassionately listened and advised  me on how I can legally stay in Australia. He helped me obtain a bridging visa which gave me peace of mind. From then on, I knew that I can trust Philip Silver & Associates.

When I decided to apply to become a permanent resident in Australia in 2017, it was to Philip Silver that I turned to because I was unsure what pathway to take. Philip thoroughly explained the whole process of obtaining an 887 visa. He was knowledgeable, honest, transparent and straightforward. He made me feel confident that he knew what he was doing which took my worries away.

Hafizah assisted me in the processing of my visa. It was a stress free experience working with her. She was available on a daily basis and responded to my questions promptly and professionally.

It was the most amazing moment when I received the news that my PR was granted this June 2018!

Thank you so much Philip, Hafizah and to everyone who worked behind the scene. You’re a team with integrity! You’re truly legends! You never let me down.

I am so grateful to Philip Silver & Associates for helping make my dream come true. I would highly recommend your company in a heartbeat.