Captain Greg

Our journey commenced some 15 months ago when I was first put in touch with you and your greater team. The guidance and recommendations afforded to us back then set the foundations to the roller coaster ride we experienced together for that extraordinary yet glorious YEAR.

Firstly the clarity on the nomination of skills required for the now defunct or at least severely altered, sub class 457 visa. I still remember to this day, attaining the initial success of being granted the 457. My family and I landing in SYDNEY on April 03rd 2017 and the entire 457 programme being nullified some 6 days later! The “panic” at having to face reality of having to return to RSA just 2 years later as that particular skills nomination identity was amended to the short term category!

You and your wonderful team set about finding another workable solution and WHAMMO in WORLD RECORD TIME, my family I being granted permanent residency on a visa sub class 186 JUST 6 months 22 days after arriving on these bonny shores!

An amazing feat and an amazing journey. Success, complete success, in such a short time. Most importantly the ability to relax and take up life in AUSTRALIA sans the axe of deportation hanging over our heads……………

Now for Citizenship and a long and happy life in our newly adopted country

What an amazing firm! Great people

They say a BIG SHOT is just a little shot that keeps shooting!


Best regards,

Captain GREG