Leopoldt, Elaine & Calvin de Bruin

Dear Phillip Silver & Associates,

I would like to tell you what our experience was regarding our visa application.

Me, my wife and 2 year old son wanted to apply for a visa to study in Australia and decided to obtain the professional services of Phillip Silver & Associates. The team provided us with quick and accurate information (even over weekends in their spare time!). The headache of all the paperwork and administration relating to an application like this is enormous and Phillip Silver & Associates made it all seem like a breeze. We had the expectation of a two to three month waiting period in order to obtain the visa, however the embassy called me in two days after lodging the application and informed me that everything was complete and so well organised that we would have the visa granted in much less time than initially anticipated. The visa was granted in 5 weeks! So now me and my family are happily on our way to Australia!

Thank you Phillip Silver & Associates for all the hard work whether it was after-hours, over weekends or during the normal course of the business day you got the job done neatly, swiftly and professionally not to mention cost efficiently.

Yours truly

Leopoldt, Elaine & Calvin de Bruin