July 2015

Having been notified that I had mistaken my visa expiry, and that I had unintentionally been an unlawful citizen in Australia for almost two months, I was overwhelmed with all the information that I now had to quickly digest. At the top of my concerns was that I would have to forfeit my university degree after working at it for four years, and being only one year away from completion.

A friend of mine recommended Phillip when I mentioned I was looking for help applying for my new visa, so I immediately contacted him and he was good enough to organise a consultation on short notice. Phillip gave me all the information I needed, without trying to make my case sound better or worse than it was. After reviewing my options, I decided to enlist his services.

His quotations for all costs involved were accurate, and I was granted my new visa within two weeks of filing my application. This was unbelievable to me at first because due to my extended period as an unlawful citizen, I was also facing a three year ban on temporary visas from Australia. Having my new student visa granted so quickly was a huge relief, and I thank Phillip and his team for helping me out.