Ray G

I started this journey at the beginning of 2014, when my Company asked me to transfer to Perth to lead a services team. I had heard of Philip Silver & Associates through word of mouth, having had many of my friends make this journey already. The first interview was quickly set up, as Skype meeting where I felt more than comfortable that I was dealing with experienced professionals. There was never any doubt in my mind and after the first meeting, I had a clear idea of the process, expected time it would take as well as the various touch points along the way.

2014 flew by as each subsequent goal was completed, pretty much without complication or setback, with successful 457 visa issued in November of that year. By the end of December 2014, my wife and I had taken up residence in Perth and where adjusting to our new life.

It wasn’t long and I was again seeking the assistance of Phillip Silver & Associates to lodge a permanent subclass 186 application, and a quick email to Phillip to set up a phone call to discuss kicked off another flawless successful application, resulting in my PR being granted in August 2017.

My response to Phillip’s notification that it had been successfully granted :

“I am incredibly thankful. Words do not express the gratitude.”

The experience I had with Philip Silver & Associates has been incredible, and I cannot thank them enough.


Ray G