UNAL Family

My family and I have been struggling to find a lawyer that understands and empathises with our case. Phillip has shown tremendous amounts of effort to get to know us individually and has gone above and beyond in his devotion to our case. Phillip has taken his own time to fly down to Melbourne and meet us in person. This allowed him to properly immerse himself and understand our unique situation. We were stuck in the same predicament for the past 10 years and Phillip over came it in the 1 year he had worked with us.

He was the only lawyer that actively listened and had properly executed the task at hand. He not only exponentially prepared himself but also took the time to coach us individually to allow us to have our best foot forward in our interviews. Our specific case had an extremely tight threshold of acceptance in which he formatted the correct approach and successfully delivered results. We can not be more thankful for him and his team for guidance, support and work ethic. It is because of his amazing work that we can remain in Australia happily with our family.

Thank you, Crystal UNAL

Our case has %50 chance. Phillip made such professional preparations and made such important speech at the end of our meeting at migration. The immigration officer knew if she would decline our case she had awareness she would made unfair decision. As a result of everything we got our permanent residency.

We are so grateful, Sharon Unal

We were so lucky to have Phillip as our lawyer during our protection visa case. He was able to lead our family to success which allowed us to obtain our permanent residency after 15 years. During my family’s time in Australia, we have been constantly pushed in the wrong direction by our previous lawyers. Phillip was the first lawyer that took the time to understand our case, our family’s needs and what the best outcome would be. He directed us in the right direction, no other lawyer has been able to do this since 2008. We are forever grateful for Phillip and his team to the tremendous amounts of effort they have put to win our case.
Thank you,
Tuana Unal