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Migration Matters Phillip Silver and Associates

December 20, 2015

Migration Matters Phillip Silver and Associates   With the year soon to be drawing to a close we look back on our year and the successes we have had. Our team has remained the same, with a few additions, which has meant growth for the company, which in turn leads us to further grow in…

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What is a Migration Agent?

December 5, 2015

What is a Migration Agent?   If you need to ask what is a migration agent then perhaps you are in the wrong place, but really what you should be asking is do I need a migration agent or a Lawyer. Some agents are practiced in law, however some others a registered migration agents. You…

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Best Website for Australian Travel Advice

November 28, 2015

Best Website for Australian Travel Advice While of course Phillip Silver and Associates is your one stop shop for the best website for Australian travel advice, there are also many other websites that will assist you with advice for when traveling to Australia. Please be aware that this advice should be always taken along with…

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Romance Scams

November 22, 2015

Romance Scams Many looking for love are looking online and are seeking out love in alternative ways. Many of the people being scammed are the older generation in Australia as they may be more vulnerable and not as knowledgeable in understanding when they are being scammed. The fact is, is that more and more older…

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Proposal to let migrants buy their way into Australia

November 8, 2015

Proposal to let migrants buy their way into Australia A proposal has been drawn that may be implemented to let migrants buy their way into Australia has been slammed as a backwards step that will not address any skills shortages or allow for the right skill set to be added to our work force. Federal…

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Temporary Visa

October 26, 2015

Temporary Visa Australian visas: Indians, Chinese signing up on a temporary visa. More temporary Aussies are coming from Asia than any other country according to latest statistics. According to the latest immigration data, there are more than 300,000 Indian and Chinese citizens are in Australia on temporary visas. Most of the arrivals are visitors, students…

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Visas for entrepreneurs

October 25, 2015

Visas for entrepreneurs Labor plans to lure ‘smartest minds on the planet’ to Australia An entrepreneurial visa program may turbo-charge the nation’s technology start-up scene, in line with the Federal Opposition. If elected, Labor is promising to lure thousands of international students to remain in Australia for one more year once they graduate from university,…

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Visa Hopes Broken

October 18, 2015

Visa Hopes Broken What if you were nearly at the finishing line and your visa type was abolished? There are many who have had their Visa hopes broken when the government abolished a selection of visas telling future residents their applications never existed. There are thousands apon thousands of families left stricken by the choice.…

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Irish Failing English Language Test

October 11, 2015

Irish Failing English Language Test Just because you have a trade, does not mean that you can pass the IELTS English test. If we are to be honest, most of the world use spell check like it’s going out of fashion. So what if there was no spell check and your citizenship was on the…

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