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Selfie Stick Obsession

October 1, 2015

Selfie Stick Obsession There’s no denying that selfies have become a new age sensation, with that in mind, Tourism Australia have come up with a new incentive to lure the Japanese with their selfie stick obsession. Tourism Australia has created the worlds longest selfie stick with it’s new promotion GIGA selfie aimed at the Japanese…

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Australia’s Food and Wine

September 25, 2015

Australia’s Food and Wine While many travelers of course visit Australia for it’s Tourist Destination hot spots, many as much as 1 in 5 tourist dollars, are being spent on Australia’s Food and Wine. With that being said, the industry is eager to capitalise on this new spending trend. It is said that an extra…

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Outrage as Australian Border Protection Initiative Scrapped

September 20, 2015

 Outrage as Australian Border Protection Initiative Scrapped   Outrage as Australian Border Protection Initiative Scrapped, what an uproar it casued. It’s quite safe to say that no one was on the side of border protection in Melbourne earlier this month. Australian Border Force (ABF) were forced to scrap an operation at targeting visa fraud, however…

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#notatourist Campaign

September 13, 2015

#notatourist Campaign Tourists coming to Australia are quick to jump on the social media campaign when sharing their latest travel spots and places like the Sydney Opera House being more shared than less travelled spots in Australia. The #notatourist campaign has been started with this in mind, Tourism Australia and Visa are championing this campaign…

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Investor Retirement Visas to Australia

September 2, 2015

Investor Retirement Visas to Australia For those who have worked hard all of their lives and have always dreamed of packing up and relocating to Australia in your retirement, then it may not be that far out of reach. Whether you prefer to settle in one of our coastal towns, or in the heart of…

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Migrant Workers Given Preferential Treatment

August 20, 2015

Migrant Workers Given Preferential Treatment For those migrant workers who are willing to live in the tropics, they will be given preferential treatment as a further $1.2 million has been pledged to develop Australia’s north. The government has a plan in place, to lure foreign and local workers to northern Australia as it seeks to…

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Phillip Silver and Associates rally to help Danny Green and Green Machine save his Boxing Comeback

August 12, 2015

Phillip Silver and Associates rally to help Danny Green and Green Machine save his Boxing Comeback Danny Green Announces Boxing Comeback This week the Phillip Silver and Associates team were met with a last minute emergency request to apply for visas for Danny’s Green’s opponent. Danny Green who is Australia’s 4 time, world champion boxer…

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Double Refugee Intake By 2015

August 6, 2015

Double Refugee Intake By 2015 Bill Shorten the Opposition leader, has spoken out about a new direction with Labor’s immigration policy which has called for better treatment and acceptance of refugees. Asylum seekers have been described by Shorten as “profound significance for our party and our nation” saying that we owe a large dept to…

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Foreign Investment in Australia

August 1, 2015

Foreign Investment in Australia Investing in Australian Real Estate Foreign investment in Real Estate is welcomed in Australia, however there are certain rules that all investors must abide by. Every case is reviewed by the Australian government to ensure that the national interest of Australia takes first place. It has been mentioned many times in…

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