Irish Failing English Language Test

Irish Failing English Language Test

Just because you have a trade, does not mean that you can pass the IELTS English test. If we are to be honest, most of the world use spell check like it’s going out of fashion.

So what if there was no spell check and your citizenship was on the line. It has come to light that many, especially the Irish when coming to Australia, are not passing the English language test necessary to successfully gain entry to Australia.

Not all applicants who apply for a trade are proficient in the English language and many believe that the IELTS English language test needs to be modified so that people with trades have more of an opportunity to gain a visa.

90% of people who apply for a trade visa fail the English test at least once. The IELTS are made up of many sections and you must gain a certain number of points to pass. What makes the test so hard you ask? The test is put into Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening sections. Depending on the Visa applied for not every applicant needs to be tested under the program.

What can we do to stop the Irish failing English language test? We need to put measures in place such as education, or having different scoring grades for different visas. There has been talk in the past regarding changing the rules so we shall see if there will be any action taken.

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