Visa Hopes Broken

Visa Hopes Broken

What if you were nearly at the finishing line and your visa type was abolished? There are many who have had their Visa hopes broken when the government abolished a selection of visas telling future residents their applications never existed.

There are thousands apon thousands of families left stricken by the choice. several of them have waited eight years for a response and migration agents say some are currently too old to apply for alternative visas. The decision by the government is callous decision was “callous and indifferent”.

“They [thought] that they had a hope, they need been told to attend and wait, placed on hold from doing the rest and that they were deliberately created to feel that their application would be resolved.”

Some of the candidates will now not be able to apply at all, as they’re too old to apply for any other visa type. The visa varieties were closed to new candidates in middle 2012 however outstanding applications were being processed, candidates will apply for a refund on charges for applications paid.

The amendment took impact on the 22nd September and affected 3 visa varieties within the freelance, sponsored and regional sponsored classes (subclasses175, 176 and 475). It conjointly applies to visa cases not nevertheless set by the executive Appeals judicature.

Many have questioned the lawfulness of the government’s call, and say it raised issues with the Department of Immigration.

A representative for the department aforesaid most applications were for occupations not presently in demand, which might have an effect on peoples’ employment possibilities in Australia.


Visa Hopes Broken

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