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Partner Visa Eligibility Requirements

July 25, 2015

Partner Visa Eligibility Requirements What are the requirements for a partner visa? To be eligible for Partner Migration visa, you must either be married, engaged to, or in a defacto (common law) relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. In your application you will be required to provide a wide…

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Asian Workers Lodge Bogus Refugee Visas

July 18, 2015

Asian Workers Lodge Bogus Refugee Visas Workers are being encouraged to lodge false refugee visa applications to extend their stay in Australia in Australia’s poultry industry, Asian Workers Lodge Bogus Refugee Visas. Mostly of Asian descent, the workers at one such workplace, Baiada’s poultry plant in Beresfield, near Newcastle, were charged upwards of $3500 to…

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457 Visa Review Jobs

July 12, 2015

457 Visa Review Jobs 457 Visa Review Jobs List to be examined The government last week began the first review of the list in three years, with business and ­unions polarised on what is needed. Among the 650 strong list are lawyers, electricians, antique dealers, funeral workers and print journalists are among 650 occupations on…

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Domestic Violence Cases

July 5, 2015

Domestic Violence Cases There are many cases in Australia and around the world where visa holders are reluctant to report ‘family violence’ as it’s referred to under Australian migration laws or domestic violence cases. This reluctance comes as the visa holders are petrified that they will be forced to return to their home country if…

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Tourist Visa Australia

June 28, 2015

Tourist Visa Australia Do I need a tourist visa for Australia? Saving up for that holiday? Got your holiday insurance sorted, got your tickets and bag packed? Oh by the way have you got your tourist visa organised? Most will be able to say yes to the first few options but some travellers are completely…

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Migrant Workers Underpaid

June 21, 2015

Migrant Workers Underpaid Workplace audits undertaken, have shown that one in five migrant workers underpaid or are employed in positions they should not be doing due. Businesses have been swooped on, some workers, have been underpaid by tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases workers have been performing jobs that are not in line…

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Partner Visa in Australia

June 17, 2015

Partner Visa in Australia New Ruling: What this means for your de-facto relationship in Australia and applying for a partner visa in Australia Last week there was a Federal Court Judgement ruling that has changed the path for many who were previously unable to apply for a partner visa. The judgment is a major development…

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Regional Refugee Visa

June 14, 2015

Regional Refugee Visa  NSW provide regional Visa’s to refugees.   Having been introduced last year, the regional refugee visa will be an option for refugees who are prepared to study or work outside Sydney, Wollongong and also Newcastle. Not only will this new scheme offer security to asylum seekers but also will provide labour to…

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Choose Australia

June 7, 2015

Choose Australia  Australia is the chosen destination for many wishing to relocate, but why is that so?  It may be the never-ending beaches, the hot climate and the friendly nature of the Australian way, however there are many other reasons Australia is the destination of many. Why else would you choose a country that is…

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