Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence Cases

There are many cases in Australia and around the world where visa holders are reluctant to report ‘family violence’ as it’s referred to under Australian migration laws or domestic violence cases. This reluctance comes as the visa holders are petrified that they will be forced to return to their home country if they report the Domestic Violence Cases.

In fact, many do not know that there are special rules that apply family violence cases. If a person, or family member can establish that they have experienced domestic violence at the hands of their spouse then they will be protected.

This family violence can come in many forms being physical or emotional abuse, although the emotional side of the abuse can be harder to prove as there are no visual signs of  the abuse. It is any type of behavior that causes someone to be afraid for your safety or the safety or any member or members of your family.

In the past there was speculation of the exploitation of the domestic violence cases, where it appeared easier to exploit the family violence rules as the evidence was not visual. There are however new rules that the Department of Immigration has implemented to make sure that the types of family violence are not exploited.

Visa holders must know that they do not have to suffer in silence and that a complex set of regulations and rules will assist them to help get them out of their situations. Anyone who has genuine domestic violence case will have their case investigated.


Domestic violence cases

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