Migration Matters Phillip Silver and Associates

Migration Matters Phillip Silver and Associates


With the year soon to be drawing to a close we look back on our year and the successes we have had. Our team has remained the same, with a few additions, which has meant growth for the company, which in turn leads us to further grow in 2016. We have dealt with a vast array of migration matters Phillip Silver and Associates, from complex visa refusals and cancellations to student visas and partner visas.


No independent visa has rattled us and not feat has been too great to handle. Danny Green’s Visa was a highlight, I am so proud of the team who worked night and day to allow Danny Green’s opponent to enter Australian soil. Who knows, when Ronda Rousey has her next battle, perhaps we will be called on to allow herself and her team access to our soil, we look forward to that call.


It is always such a thrill when an application is granted in a positive manner, a negative is not in our value system and not something we accept. Visa granted is our only acceptance and we work tirelessly to make than happened, we have been around too long to accept another answer.


During this Holiday Season, take care of your family and friends and know that in 2016 and beyond, we are at arms length to help you and your family have peace here in Australia. From all at Phillip Silver and Associates, we wish you and you family a very lovely end to the year and look forward to an amazing New Year.



Please contact us for advice at any time, please get in touch with us by email visa@phillipsilver.com.au or phone on (02) 97085954