What is a Migration Agent?

What is a Migration Agent?


If you need to ask what is a migration agent then perhaps you are in the wrong place, but really what you should be asking is do I need a migration agent or a Lawyer. Some agents are practiced in law, however some others a registered migration agents. You should always use a registered migration agent


It is always best if you use a migration agent in your country, it can be difficult liaising with an agent that is not in your country, but make sure you choose a reputable agent. Just last week we hear a case where a person has to go back overseas for 12 months as their agent did not process their paper work in time. That candidate had spent their hard earned money and also their time only to be let down.


The person they had trusted to give them their freedom had let them down. Even registered migration agents can get it wrong, always do your research and make sure that you read up on your agent, Google them for negative reviews as a lot of people will post online. Also go by word of mouth, ask for testimonials from current and past clients also.


what is a migration agent


Of course we are a well established Migration Agent in Australia who can assist with any type of migration matter.

Please contact us for advice at any time, please get in touch with us by email visa@phillipsilver.com.au or phone on (02) 97085954