Temporary Work Skilled Visa 457 Programme

Temporary Work Skilled Visa 457 Programme

The Review

Temporary Work Skilled Visa 457 Programme– The dust has now settled on the findings that were announced on the 18th March 2015. We have now had time to properly process the findings and most all believe it’s a huge step towards a better program, of course there will always be the non-supporters.They believe for example that having the standard reduced for the English language testing system, will be a detriment in the work place as already there have been deaths due to poor language and communication skills.


This aside we all hope it will cut the red tape and make it a fairer system for all so that these so called illegal and unfair treatment of the system and the workers can be eradicated


The most profound supported recommendations in the review for the Temporary Work Skilled Visa 457 Programme are:

English language testing system: the scores will be adjusted to allow an average across the 4 competencies

– New tripartite ministerial advisory council will be founded to report to the government on skilled migration issues.

Five years of accumulative study is now accepted over the 5 years continuous training previously

– A more simplified sponsorship renewal process and for it to extended from 12 months to 18 months

Fee structures for renewals and secondary visa applications to be reviewed

– Departments website to be improved and content updates with regard to 457 and information readily available to all

– Times for Labor Agreement negotiation to be enhanced to allow for a demand driven pathway for migration and also be more accessible for other industry areas

– Taking stress away from employers by enabling the department and Australian Taxation Office collaborate by upholding integrity within the program

If you need questions answered regarding the changes to the Temporary Work Skilled Visa 457 Programme, please get in touch with Phillip Silver and Associates by email visa@phillipsilver.com.au or phone on (02) 97085954

Temporary Work  Skilled Visa 457 Programme