Success Story – Same Day Visa!

Having received a call from a new client requesting an urgent meeting in relation to a visa that had expired, our team ensured we made time the following day to meet the client. The client’s wife had traveled overseas without realising her permanent resident visa did not permit her to re-enter Australia as the visa had expired. Our client and his wife were confused and understandably concerned about the situation, as his wife would not be allowed to re-enter Australia.

With our client sitting beside us, and his wife on a Skype call overseas, our team acted accordingly to prepare the application and have it lodged within the hour. We instructed our client of the exact information that was required to be lodged in support of the application and we made time to meet in a couple hours to receive, review and upload the documents. We had the privilege to call the client the very same day to notify him that his wife’s visa had been approved and that she may now re-enter Australia.

Here’s what the client had to say to us:

“ Can’t thank YOU enough ,  Phil :  & also for your call confirming it all ..

You have been an absolute MENSCH throughout & it’s been a pleasure & a privilege to have consulted you !

I’ll be in touch to ‘fix’ all other aspects & relevant VISA issues ; going forward .

Your assistant too has been remarkable & I am very grateful to him for his manner, demeanor & demure, especially when delivering all the pertinent `docs.` to him this afternoon ..

My compliments to you both.



“Really appreciate your call earlier this evening Phillip.

So special of you to take the time; irrespective of the hour – to advise me of the successful outcome on the application.

Your professionalism throughout this matter has been exceptional.

And both L & I are so happy to have been in the hands of Phillip & yourself .

The manner in which you dealt with my circumstances especially when delivering the required `docs` to you this afternoon was exemplary.

And I really look forward to having that coffee with you very shortly !

With wholehearted Thanks


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