Could your organisation benefit from Training and Research Subclass 402 Visas?

Subclass 402 Visa

From extensive experience Phillip Silver and Associates knows that many Australian organisations could greatly benefit from successfully applying for the Training and Research subclass 402 Visas, but have failed to do so.
Overview of Training & Research Subclass 402 Visa requirements In order for an employer to be approved as a Training and Research sponsor they must meet the requirements as outlined below:

• Be an Australian organisation lawfully operating in Australia, or

• Be lawfully operating in Australia (Australian and foreign government agencies do not have to prove this)

• Have a good business record and abide by Australian laws

• Have the capacity to comply with sponsorship obligations

• There must be nothing adverse known about the employer or a person associated with the employer that could affect suitability as a sponsor, unless it is reasonable to disregard the information Sponsorship status is valid for up to three years.

The nomination process identifies the:

• Details of the proposed workplace-based training

• Position to be filled

• Skills, qualifications and experience required for the position

• Person who has been nominated to take part in the activity. Occupational training programs should be for a minimum period of 30 hours a week. At least 70 per cent of this training is required to be workplace-based. The nominated occupation must be on the gazetted list of occupations for purposes of the Subclass 402 visa: this list covers a wide range of professional and semi-professional roles.
Unless they are undertaking a volunteer position, occupational trainees must be paid in accordance with Australia’s industrial relation laws if they are employees of an organisation.
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