Message for 2014

At Phillip Silver and Associates we understand emigration, what it takes about making a new life, setting up a new career in a new country and becoming an Australian Citizen. Our team has experienced this on a personal level.

We know it takes effort, courage and commitment. We understand it is a heroic risk to emigrate to a new country. Starting out in a new country is a fragile moment in anyone’s life.You can reach your dreams or they can be snatched away from you with one wrong decision. We understand what you have going for you is the yearning to do something great.

There is nothing more exciting than a new beginning and we all work as hard as we can to make the best of our new lives.

At Phillip Silver and Associates we go the extra distance to try and make your application for an Australian visa a positive experience. We also have business and  legal experience (and a vast network) and will happily take time to offer an existing client any advice to assist you making the right decision to make your dreams in Australia come true.

We wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2014


Phillip Silver and Associates