Investor Retirement Visas to Australia

Investor Retirement Visas to Australia

For those who have worked hard all of their lives and have always dreamed of packing up and relocating to Australia in your retirement, then it may not be that far out of reach. Whether you prefer to settle in one of our coastal towns, or in the heart of our wonderful land, you may just be on your way. Called the ‘Investor Retirement Visa Program’, or IRVS there are a few requirements:

– You must be over 55 years of age and able to financially support yourself to spend some of your retirement years in Australia

– The Investor Retirement visa enables you the opportunity to work parts time and enjoy a relaxed and easy way of life in Australia

– You must be sponsored by an Australian state or territory

– Must not have any dependant family members, that is other than your spouse

– Must have assets sufficient enough to be financially stable which in turn would you would not be able rely on Australia’s welfare system

– You must agree to take out comprehensive medical health insurance to cover any costs so if any medical issues arise


If you can safely attest to all of these requirements, please get in touch for more information. Please contact us for advice at any time via email or phone on (02) 97085954