Regional NSW wants you! Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

Cannot qualify for a Skilled nominated Visa Subclass 190 and want to move to NSW? The Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa may be an option for you

You may be eligible to move to Regional NSW for a Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 489).  There are however  minimum requirements for the Visa and you must choose to reside in the regional areas associated with the Visa.

Due to the new invitation only Skilled Nominated Visa plans, many wanting to live in NSW will find themselves with limited options. This Regional Visa will give many more an option to live in the state of their choice, even if it’s not in a capital city.

To find out if you are eligible under this new migration scheme, to locate to Regional NSW, please contact us Phillip Silver and Associates by email or phone on 02 9708 5954

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Regional NSW wants you! The Skilled Regional Visa