November 2017: Grandfathering Provisions for 457 Holders and Applicants

Good news for the 457 Visa Holders and Applicants!

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In November 2017, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced in its official communication that 457 holders and applicants as of 18th  April 2017 will NOT need to meet all of the new requirements.  Namely, the transitional provisions still apply to so called “grandfathered” 457 holders,  which makes them eligible for ENS and RSMS through the Temporary Residence Transition Stream.

However, to be eligible for the transitional provisions, you must either have:

  • Held a 457 visa as of 18 April 2017; or
  • Have a pending 457 visa application as of 18 April 2017, and this application was subsequently granted.

“Grandfathered” applicants will not need to meet all the new requirements when applying for Temporary Residence Transition Stream ENS and RSMS visas from March 2018. That is, such applicants will be able to apply even if their occupation is not on the MLTSSL.

Keep in mind that the minimum salary requirements and payment of the training levy requirements from March 2018 will still have to be met.