New Visa Scams

New Visa Scams

 Is it the luck of the Irish in this case? New Visa Scams

The Department of Immigration and Border protection are looking into reports that Irish citizens are obtaining Gaelic names on working visas in Australia after already having travelled here. The names are so unrecognisable to their non-Gaelic names that there’s no telling how long it’s been going on.

 Irish citizens are in fact entitled to a second passport under their Gaelic if they can prove that they have been using their Gaelic name for at least 2 years or more, so how did the government catch on to this cunning scheme? Investigations are also continuing with links to this so- called identity fraud and international gangs. The gangs consist of Irish and English citizens some believe are the Rathkeale Rovers, an international crime gang who also specialise in art theft and smuggling.

Although no direct links have been detected early on with the new visa scams, the department is asking for Australians to be careful. The gangs often travel in packs and will ask for cash labour jobs, most likely they will have an Irish or English accent. Just last week on the South Coast of Australia, two men refused to leave their passports as a bond to hire a van, the business owner became suspicious and did not let the men hire the van as they had no drivers licence or credit cards.

Fair Trading Minister Rod Stowe has spoken about the gangs:

“Fair Trading is warning consumers and businesses that members of the notorious Rathkeale Rovers gang of travellers from Ireland, reputed to be one of the world’s wealthiest organised crime groups, is active throughout Australia, mainly on the eastern seaboard.

“There has been a significant increase in reported sightings of travelling con men in NSW in recent weeks. Travelling con men can be aggressive so I urge people not to engage with them and report to authorities.

“Anyone with any information about travelling conmen or groups or their whereabouts should call the Travelling Con men Hotline on 1300 133 408.

“Do not deal with these people,” he warned.

In this case it is most definitely best to stay wary and take care.

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